To say I make these muffins on the reg is an understatement. I almost always have overripe bananas on my counter; and when I don’t, I have a few hidden away in my freezer for dire, I. Need. Muffins. NOW. situations.

banana oat muffins topped with chocolate chips fresh out of the oven!

These guys come together with a few simple ingredients for the perfect breakfast or a healthy mid-afternoon snack! Plus they are only 167 calories each – including the chocolate chips.  So eat two for good measure!

You probably have all of these things already in your kitchen… Mashed bananas. Rolled oats ground to a flour – GF if you’re into that! Baking powder, soda, and cinnamon. Eggs. Greek yogurt. Vanilla. Chocolate chips (duh!).

Start to finish this recipe will only take you 25 minutes. Well then you will probably need to wait 5 more minutes if you don’t want to burn the daylights out of your mouth and actually taste these things. So let’s say 30 minutes to be safe.

And let me tell you, these babes hot out of the oven are deeeeeevine. So wait the extra 5 minutes. Your taste buds will thank you.